Special Sessions

Reliability analysis and improvement methods for industrial systems (Code: 9w4a6)

by Dr. Zhongliang Li
Aix-Marseille University, France

Hybrid Dynamical Systems and Systems on non-uniform time domain (Code: 9u1w6)

by Pr. Mohamed DJEMAI (*), Dr. Ivanka STAMOVA ($ ) and Dr. Stefano DI GENNARO (# )
* INSA Hauts-de-France, France, and ENSEA-Cergy, mohamed.djemai@uphf.fr
$ The University of Texas at San Antonio, USA, Ivanka.Stamova@utsa.edu
# l’Aquila University, Italy, stefano.digennaro@univaq.it

Mathematical modeling, simulation, signal processing and automatic control into the field of Diabetes disease (Code: d5g6j)

by Dr. Marta Basualdo (*) and Prof. Rachid Outbib ($ )
* National Technological University Faculty of Rosario, mbasualdo@frro.utn.edu.ar
$ Aix-Marseille University, France, rachid.outbib@lis-lab.fr

Industrial robotics for future technology (Code: ddju2)

by Pr. Thibaut RAHARIJAONA (*) and Dr.-Ing. Ali Kanso ZeMA gGmbH ($ )
* University of Lorraine, France, thibaut.raharijaona@univ-lorraine.fr
$ Chair for Assembly Systems, Germany, a.kanso@zema.de

Set-membership - interval modeling, estimation and control (Code: yw646)

by Dr. David Gucik-Derigny
University of Bordeaux, France, david.gucik-derigny@u-bordeaux.fr

Control and supervision of hydrogen energy systems (Code: 5sft2)

by Prof. Abdesslem Djerdir and Dr. Salah Laghrouche,
FEMTO-ST lab, UTBM, France, abdesslem.djerdir@utbm.fr, salah.laghrouche@utbm.fr

Nonlinear observers (Code: tmk25)

by Pr Hassane HAMMOURI(*), Pr Mondher Farza(&), Pr Mohammed M’Saad($)
(*) University of Lyon, LAGEP, hassan.hammouri@univ-lyon1.fr,
(&) University of Caen Normandie, LIS, mondher.farza@unicaen.fr,
($) ENSICAEN, LIS, mohammed.msaad@ensicaen.fr

Modeling, Estimation and Control for Fractional Order Systems (Code: 77m98)

by Da-Yan LIU(*), Nezha maamri(&), Driss Boutat(*)
(*) INSA Centre Val de Loire , France, dayan.liu@insa-cvl.fr, driss.boutat@insa-cvl.fr
(&) LIAS, University of Poitiers, France, nezha.maameri@univ-poitiers;fr

Advanced Control and Estimation for Aerial Vehicles in Urbain Air Mobility (Code: n5936)

by Dr. YASSINE BOUKAL(*), Dr. Moussa Labbadi($), Mohamed ZERROUGUI(&)
(*) Altran by Capgemini , France, yassine.boukal@altran.com
($) LAMIH, CNRS, UMR-8201, INSA HdF UPHF, Valenciennes 59313, France, moussa.labbadi@uphf.fr
(&) Aix Marseille university, France, mohamed.zerrougui@lsis.org

Switched systems: Overview and new developments (Code: sx483)

by Dr. Ihab Haidar(*), Prof. Yacine Chitour($)
(*) ENSEA, France, ihab.haidar@ensea.fr
($) Universit\'e Paris-Sud, CNRS, Supelec, France, yacine.chitour@l2s.centralesupelec.fr

Electrolyzers: modeling, control, and fault-diagnosis (Code: 43qi9)

by Prof. Michel Zasadzinski(*), Dr. Hugues Rafaralahy(*), Dr. Latifa Baddas(*), Dr. Damien Guilbert(*), Prof. Rachid Outbib
(*) CRAN,Université de Lorraine, France, FirstName.LastName@univ-lorraine,
($) Rachid.Outbib@lis-lab.fr, LIS, Aix-Marseille Université

Degradation modelling and Maintenance (Code: vt7ht)

by Dr. Mitra Foualdirad,
Aix-Marseille University, Ecole Centrale Marseille France.

Controlling transport and propagation dynamics (Code: 14fj1)

by Dr. Kaïs Ammari(*), Dr. Islam Boussaada($),
(*) ACEDP, Université Monastir, Tunisia,
($) L2S, Université Paris Saclay, France.

Univariate/Multivariate Time Series Anomaly Detection: Data-Driven Approach (Code: 52mpk)

by Dr. Bouchra Ananou(*), Youssef Trardi, Mustapha Ouladsine(*), Mohammed AL-KHARAZ, Ayyoub AIT LADEL
(*) Aix-Marseille University, France.

Fault Diagnosis and Fault Tolerant Control for complex systems subject to faults (Code: k443i)

by Prof. Abdel Aitouche (*), Prof. Ahmed El Hajjaji ($), Prof. Hassan NOURA (&)
(*) CRISTAL/JUNIA, Lille, France, abdel.aitouche@junia.com
($) University of Picardie Jules Verne, hajjaji@u-picardie.fr ,
(&) Aix-Marseille University, France,

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